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Hello Guys & Dolls!

Did you know that steaming is "ideal for 

Women have been squatting over steaming pots of herbs in the name of health for ages. Wellness Tea Therapy's very own Yoni Steam, known in other parts of the world as Ratus (Indonesia), Bajos (Central/South America), Chai-yok (Korea), has yet to find its stronghold in American culture, but its presence on the well woman scene is on its way.

Some detractors argue that the vagina is a self-cleaning unit and to leave alone what mother nature perfected; anyone with a vagina knows how quickly that balance can get knocked over from simple things like dipping in a hot tub that wasn’t so fresh or wearing too tight pants on a sweaty hot day or activities that disturb the body’s pH (ex: ingesting antibiotics, having an acidic diet, intercourse) and so on.  

So...do you want internal health and healing? Then book your steaming session TODAY!  We have steam parties (4 min to take advantage of our LOW party rate), especially for a bunch of close friends. Don't worry, you will NOT be exposed to anyone.  Simply enjoy the serenty and beauty of a "fantastic" steam session.

Buy one, Get one Free special for the Holidays.